New Executive Board of GSTLNC Posted April 16, 2017 by admin


Dear Community Members,

The GSTLNC Election committee has completed the election process and, we are pleased to announce the new Greater St. Louis Nepali Chautari (GSTLNC) team for the year 2074-2075 B.S.

President: Leewa Khatiwada Dangi
Vice President: Shyam Basnet
Vice President: Kamal Thapa
Secretary of Communications: Astha Acharya
Secretary of Public Affairs: Amina Shrestha
Treasurer: Dhiraj Pradhan
Secretary of Student Affairs: Jessica Giri
Executive Member: Harish Chand

We could like to congratulate the new team members and, express our sincere appreciation to all the candidates for their willingness to serve on the GSTLNC team.

-GSTLNC Election Committee (2074-2075)