Meeting Minutes

Please download and use below format to record any future meeting minutes of GSTLNC.
GSTLNC Meeting Minute Format

GSTLNC Meeting Minutes

Date : 08.04.2013
Minutes : GSTLNC Meeting Minute 04Aug_2013

Date: 08.18.2013
Minutes: gstlnc meeting minutes with Letter

Date: 09.22.2013
Minutes: meeting notes 09-22-2013
Excel sheet: GSTLNC- 2013-Dashain Party

Date: 12.18.2013
Minutes: GSTLNC- Meeting Minutes 12_18_2013

********** 2015 ***********

Date: 07.12.2015
Minutes: GSTLNC-Meeting-Minute-July12_2015

Date: 09.22.2015
Minutes: GSTLNC-Meeting-Minute-Sept22_2015

Date: 09.27.2015
Minutes: GSTLNC-Meeting-Minute-Sept27_2015

Date: 10.20.2015
Minutes: GSTLNC-Meeting-Minute-Oct20_2015

Date: 11.15.2015
Minutes: GSTLNC-Meeting-Minute-Nov15_2015